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Western Spirit Salsa Co.

When it comes to salsa, WSSCo. understands it and delivers satisfaction. It is like no other salsa you’ve ever had and is quite possibly the best available. This is COLORADO STYLE SALSA, having no less than 3 types of peppers with ‘The Ghost Dance’ having the 4th . All products have been tested, tweaked and tested again for balance and flavor. This salsa is HOT, but flavorful, it’s addicting. It’s won many whom do not like hot stuff and even salsa itself, because it’s not like any other.

Many salsa fans have stated that this is their choice for salsa. My initial reason for creating it was born out of my own ‘dissatisfaction’ for marketed salsas. On the Front Range of CO this salsa was developed to offer the more discerning palettes that regularly consume salsa, something special that they would soon be desiring more. In its unique 16oz package that is clear, ultra light, non-breakable, recyclable, cost effective and most importantly the ‘zipper pouch’, where the air can be evacuated when re closing the package. It’s simply beautiful in this package.

"Life is too short for whimpy Salsa" - Butchy Craft
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  • 5
    Whoa!  That is packed full of flavor! Dang!  That's got a bit of a kick too!!! Wheow! :o
    Whoa! Dang!?
    Robert S.
  • 5
    This isn't salsa!  This is a PARTY in your mouth!
    This isn’t Salsa!
    Tom G.
  • 5
    This is the best salsa I’ve ever tasted.
    Best salsa I’ve ever tasted
    Dave N.
  • 5
    This salsa is a bit hot for me but I can’t stop eating it.
    I can’t stop eating it
    Jane W.

Fresh & Unpasterized. All Natural, Free Range, Gluten Free & Vegan.
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